Follow Me On The Farm Review

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Follow Me On The Farm Review 
Books are great for children's development. Especially those with bright colours and eye catching pictures. Thats exactly what 'Follow Me On The Farm' from Little Tiger Press has. This is the second in our Parent Panel review.

This book is a lift-the-flap style, however the flaps are at the side of the book. There are 10 pages to this book, each featuring a different farmyard animal. Each page also has a bee on which you follow throughout the book. The bee is to encourage you to follow along and to lift open a flap to see a larger image.

Each page features a farmyard scene and a large animal on. These are really bright and eye-catching encouraging your child to look at each page. On each page is some simple, large text for you to read to your child, or if they are capable, for them to read to you. Behind the flap is some more text and a number. The number is written in text form and is bold so you are clearly able to see it. This book is initially to encourage your toddler to count and learn numbers. I also feel it could be used to teach farm yard animals.

My only downside to this book is the flaps are not very sturdy so may easily break with a toddler. However, they are only the same thickness as other books.

Jack found this book wonderful, although he doesn't know numbers yet, I feel if he did he would follow it well. I would give this book a 5/5.

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