Teething Bling UK Review

Friday, 3 May 2013
Teething Bling UK Review
Jack is going through yet another hard time with teething, I am always looking for new useful ways to help ease Jack's pain. When he is in great pain, he still enjoys lots of Mummy cuddles and still insists on messing with anything I wear.

Teething Bling aka Smart Mum was started by Lynne Churchill. She had never done anything along these lines before so everything was new and a learning curve. 'Smart Mum UK is a truly unique company. We are a very small team and we don’t outsource anything. From product development to fulfillment, it’s all handled from the Cardiff office. We pride ourselves on hard work and customer service.'
Teething Bling very kindly sent us one of their Sky Blue Swirl Pendants to try out with Jack. On first impression the pendant was gorgeous! The pendant is made from the same materials as most teething toys. All products are non-toxic, latex, lead, BPA & PVC free, and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as a safety measure.  
The pendant is lovely for a mother to wear, to return back to a 'yummy mummy' whilst still being safe for inquisitive fingers. Most other people who do not know about Teething Bling would believe it was just a standard pendant, that is how lovely they are.Another great thing is the pendant can be kept clean as you can wash the pendant and place it within the Dishwasher. 
Jack loves to investigate everything he has opportunity too, and as he is now a toddler, he does not like to sit still at all time. I would give Jack the pendant to explore, however would supervise him at all times. Jack enjoyed carrying the pendant around and having a good chew when his mouth was painful.
Teething Bling is very reasonably priced, you can get a pendant starting at £12.95 and a bangle starting at just £6.00. I believe this is a very reasonable price for a product which keeps mummy looking lovely and helping ease your babies teething pains.

Please Note. This  product was sent to me from Teething Bling for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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