The Plastic Box Shop Review

Friday, 17 May 2013
Plastic Box Shop Review

As a keen crafter as well as a parent, I can often have different items lying around, and also not have correct storage for some of my items. Luckily all of Jack's toys are very well organised within a storage system however my crafting items are not. I was recently given the opportunity from Plastic Box Shop to review some of their items. This was an incentive to help me sort my items into a much neater organisation.
'With a working knowledge of the industry and a wealth of experience operating within it - coupled with an extensive array of products Plastic Box Shop are able to sell convenient plastic storage solutions through an easy to use website. Their growing client list continues to expand across all areas of the UK and more and more people are finding the right solutions for their home, business or industry due to their amazing efforts.'
I was given a choice of items to choose from the website, I found the website very easily laid out and it was simple to find products to suit my need. Some products overlap in ranges but this is as some have so many useful ways. There is a wide range of boxes for home, office or even schools. The ordering process on the website is incredibly simple, and delivery was very quick. Plastic Box Shop aim to dispatch your product the same day as ordering or next and then aim to get it delivered within 1-2 days as they use Next Day Couriers in most situations. You may be thinking well I can just get those boxes elsewhere, however the Plastic Box Shop offers competitive prices and a location to buy all of your box needs within one place. It also offers many other types of boxes which you may not have already considered.  

I chose two products from the Plastic Box Shop website to help me with organising my crafting. I chose the Hobby Craft Bits and Bobs 19 Compartment Organiser and also the 5ltr Plastic Utility Tool Box. Both of these products I have found incredibly useful for the organisation of my crafts.

The Bits and Bobs Compartment Organiser I have used for the organisation and storage of both my painting materials and also some of my fabric crafts such as ribbons. The box comes with a large storage area and then a small tray which sits on top; the tray is where the compartments are. This comes with a click lid which closes shut, although they are only small clips they work very well. The only downside I found to this is there is no handle upon the box. However mine will only be used for storing, and I'm sure many users would do.

The 5 ltr Tool box has been used to store in all my crafting utensils; scissors, paintbrushes and pens. This is a small 5 ltr box, with a tray inside which consists of 5 compartments. This box comes with a snap shut lid, which again works really well and also a handle in which you can carry around the box. The box only looks small from the outside however it has such a large holding capacity you are able to store a lot more than you believe.

I have found the overall quality of these boxes, and the service provided by Plastic Box Shop amazing. It is definitely a company I would recommend to others looking for storage systems or just boxes.

Please Note. We received these products from Plastic Box Shop for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own

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