VistaPrint Photo Book Review

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Vista Print Photo Book Review

Since having Jack, I have become a lot more 'snap happy' that I already was. I am no pro when it comes to taking photos but I do love to look back on them. I'm sure any parent would agree when you have a child you just take lots of photos to remember their childhoods by. However, what do you do with all the photos you take? If you get them all printed you have a home full of prints. On the other hand you place them on your desktop computer and rarely look at them.

I love getting my photos printed so I can show others, but I find they can take over. Recently I was given the opportunity to create a photo book with Vistaprint. I thought this would be a great way to have printed photos but also not have them taking up a lot of space.

Vistaprint is a global printing company offering a variety of products - mainly marketed at small businesses'. I have in the past ordered business cards from them however never anything else. When choosing a photo book there are a lot of options. You can have the photo book in 4 different sizes either portrait or landscape. You are also able to choose to add extra pages to the book, giving your opportunity to add more photos. Each book comes with 24 pages as standard and you are able to add up to 120 pages.

I opted for an extra-large landscape photo book which measures 39 x 29cm. I then had a photo cover with standard binding, 2 additional pages and added a glossy finish to the pages.

Creating the photo book was really simple - and there are 2 ways in which you are able to do this. Either using the online photo book editor or you can download an offline editor. After this you can either design the book yourself or have it done automatically by the editing program. I chose to have it done automatically although doing it yourself is really simple; as I had a go at this afterwards. There are lots of additional options on the editor such as adding backgrounds, writing and a choice of covers. This is also where you choose between a matte finish as standard or to upgrade to the gloss finish. I felt the flossy finish added extra 'class' to the images but believe the standard finish is just as nice.

Vistaprint states delivery is 14 days; I placed my order on a Wednesday afternoon and received it the following Friday. Upon opening the packaging my initial reaction was 'Wow!' The photo book was amazing - much larger than I had imagined it to be and the quality was incredible. If I had of had to pay for the photo book I would have been thoroughly impressed with the money I had spent.

Vistaprints' photo books start at £13.99 with the option to add additional items for a small fee. I think this is a great price when you take into account you can design it yourself and the overall quality. Vistaprint often run offers on there products; however the price I have stated is before any discounts or add ons.

Please Note. This product was sent to me from VistaPrint for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own.

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