Wetherspoons Review

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Wetherspoons Review

Please note, throughout my review, pictures are included however these are not as bright as I would have hoped due to the lighting within the restaurant. 
We love going for meals out, there is something satisfying in having someone wait on you. Also not having to do the cooking, or my least favourite the washing up. We often like to try new places as I feel you can get stuck visiting the same place and eating the same foods. We were recently given the opportunity to attend Wetherspoons and try some food from their new menu. I hadn't been to a Wetherspoons since I was at college so I would be going with no pre-judgement. We chose to go to a Wetherspoons none of us had previously been to so the whole experience felt new. Therefore we chose 'The Gatehouse' in Lichfield to try.
My initials thoughts were the outside looked well looked after with a lovely outdoor seating area. When we entered the décor looked nice, tables and all areas were clean. You are able to choose your own table where you would like to sit. There is a wide choice of tables and chairs, all different. Initially I thought this was very mis-matched, but soon discovered it was perfect for the differing social and age groups.

After looking through the menu, we went to the bar area to order our food and drinks. We had a short wait at the bar area as there was only one lady serving. We had no apology for our wait, however we just go on and ordered our food. We waited 16 minutes from ordering until our starter arrived. I felt this was a good amount of time as it allowed time for the starter to be cooked. Also it gave us opportunity to settle back into our seats and have a small chat. For our starter we had a 'Wetherspoon Sharer.' The starter was a great size shared between 3 of us. The only thing we didn't like was the BBQ sauce. I believe it was a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce as it had a little tang, we found this to be quite strong. From finishing out starter to having our table cleaned was 7 minutes. When our table was being cleared we were asked if we were ready for out mains - I thought this was a good question, especially for people who like a break between courses.
Wetherspoon Sharer
From having our table cleared to receiving out meals was a further 12 minutes. We had all ordered different meals; I ordered a Full rack of ribs. This come with a small pot of coleslaw, chips, onion rings and a small pot of BBQ sauce. I found my BBQ sauce was slightly runny, although not as spicy as what we had on our starter. The meat on the ribs was tender and very well cooked; the meat was very easy to get off the bone.
Full Rack of Ribs.
Ashley had chosen a gourmet hot dog; this was served with chips, onion rings and a pot of mustard. The gourmet hot dog consists of a classic pork hot dog, served in a bun with chilli con carne and then topped with grated cheese. Although this is not a combination you would generally place together; it worked really well.
Gourmet Hot Dog
My mum had an Aberdeen Angus rump steak; this was served with chips, peas, grilled tomato and a flat mushroom. We had asked for the steak to be well done, when it come out it seemed a little burnt mum also said it was a little tough. However, she isn't one to complain so she happily ate it. We found it a little strange no onion rings were served with the steak as normally they are served together.
Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak
As we had Jack with us we chose for him to have chicken nuggets, chips and peas. This is something simple he would hopefully not get in a large mess with. We found the children's meals to be quite large for toddlers; maybe being the perfect size for an older child. Maybe a small diners menu could be made, including the same foods on a smaller portion size so not as much is wasted.
Children's Chicken Nuggets Meal
Overall, with out meals we thoroughly enjoyed them and found them a good portion size for the money. I feel all the meals were great value for money, especially Ashley's as it came with a free soft drink. In addition to the soft drink Ashley also had a filter coffee. Wetherspoons have recently started using Lavazza 100% Arabica freshly ground coffee beans. I liked the idea when purchasing a coffee there was a choice of warm or cold milk, both of which you were able to serve to yourself.  
Lavazza Filter Coffee
The only negative point to our experience with Wetherspoons is we didn't find it very family orientated on the evening. A group of young adults say near us who's conversation choice and language was not suitable for children. I feel this could have been improved by having a family seating area for those who choose to sit there. This did not effect out overall visit and experience and I would definitely attend again; however I would choose to go early evening or during the day time.

Please Note. We received vouchers for Wetherspoons for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own

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