Whats In Your HandBag? Money Supermarket Competition.

Friday, 28 June 2013
What's In Your Handbag?
Money supermarket are currently running a competition to see what your handbag contains. This will then give them an estimated idea of the 'average' contents of a handbag and also the average costing's. You can read more about this here.
So below I have given images of contents of my handbag with a few of my usual's missing for general reasons listed.
So this is everything that is currently within my bag and a few missing essentials which I normally have. I have a cupboard bursting with handbags, so this isn't the one I always use but as we are going away, this seems necessary.
Below I have individually listed everything with estimated prices.
Handbag: £35.00
Purse: £29.00
Contents of Purse: £12.78 and all my Debit Cards and Savings Cards which are priceless.
Huggies Wipes: £1.00
Selections of Buisness Cards: £2.99 Postage Costs only.
Diary: £5.99
RayBan Sunglasses: £122.00
EyeLiner: £2.99
Mascara: £8.50
No7 BB Cream: £12.95
Hotel Booking: £229.50
Vaseline HandCream: £3.29
Kleenex Tissues: £0.50
Hairbrush: £2.00
iPad: £399.00
Diet Coke: £1.68
Impulse Spray: £2.00
Pen: £0.38 
Normally I also have:
Car & House Keys: Priceless Car in use when photo being taken.
Mobile Phone: about £250.00 (Samsung Galaxy s2) Using to take the photo.
iPod: £199.00 In use within the car
So overall my handbag totals in at £883.55 and with my normal essentials in too comes in at a whopping £1332.55. Its amazing to think I carry this amount of money around on my shoulder and puts into perspective how much money I would loose if I was too loose my bag.

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