BundleBean Go Review

Friday, 12 July 2013
BundleBean Go Review
We were recently sent a BundleBean Go to review, and with the ever changing weather of Britain it has come in very useful. The BundleBean Go is a versatile item which can be used in a multitude of ways.
BundleBean was created by Emily Goodall, when having her first child in October 2006 she found she was carrying around so many items when leaving the house. In 2009 she had her second child which double the amount she needed to carry as she needed a double buggy. This is when the BundleBean design was perfected. Emily initialled created the BundleBean Go to combat the cosy-toes, rain cover, loose blanket, play mat and picnic rug. In 2013 the BundleBean Solar was launched which is the latest for sun safety.
The BundleBean is a multitude of uses, for me the primary use was as a cosy-toes on the buggy since Jack outgrew the original one, and as a play-mat when on the grass, however we have also used it as a picnic mat. The other uses are as a cosy-toes for a car seat, a cover when carrying your baby in a sling, or also when you have your child on your bike; it can also be used as a loose blanket. The BundleBean Go comes in a variety of colours, we opted for the blue spot, it is a very bright and cheerful design. The one side of the blanket is fleecy in a spot design in our instance, whilst the other side is made of a waterproof material so suitable in the rain. The waterproof side also has a small pocket on it, the BundleBean is reversible although it is recommended for waterproof side out.

It is very simple to attach this to your buggy, and I feel it could definitely be done quickly when it begins to rain. You simply attach Velcro, on the bottom is one part to wrap around the buggy. Further up there are two pieces of Velcro which you can create into loops and fasten on the frame, or put around the back of the buggy and fasten together. There are also two zips either side, these allow the bottom to scrunch up to fit better around the bottom of your pushchair. The other great thing that I found is when it isn't in use you can easily roll it up and store is easily in the bottom of the buggy. This is perfect for the changing weather we have.
The BundleBean is really small and easy to carry around as it has no weight to it at all. It would be simple to quickly change the BundleBean from being on the buggy to taking it off, or to place it on the car seat. I think the pocket on the front is also very useful, as Jack is in a forward facing buggy I haven't really used it however I feel when he is older he will be able to put his hands in to keep them warm.

As I have previously mentioned its multi functional so when the weather isn't cold and needed as a foot muff you are also able to use the BundleBean as a picnic mat. Since we have had the lovely weather I have been ensuring Jack gets his Vitamin D so we have spent a lot of time outside in the cooler parts, we have also had picnics on the garden. When using it as a picnic mat is wasn't big enough for Jack and I however, Jack had plenty of room on his own.

Overall, we have found the BundleBean Go! extremely useful and it is definitely a product I would recommend to other parents. I have shown it to my friend who has since purchased one. It is such a clever product which can be used in a variety of ways. The BundleBean is priced at £29.99 which I feel is fantastic for a multi-purpose product which grows with your child.

Please Note. I received this product from BundleBean for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wording are my own 

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