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Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Money Supermarket - Home Improvement Hero.
Jack's bedroom is well overdue decorating, when I was expecting we just painted the spare room cream and threw in some furniture. We intended to get our own home and then decorate a room for Jack. However that never went to plan with all that happened last year. 
Money Supermarket recently ran another £50 blogger opportunity this time for a home improvement giving me a kick up the bottom to do Jack's room. 

So Jack's room was very cream, plain and boring. He had 'baby' curtains and linen, a recycled wardrobe and a cot, simple. I'm still not sure why we had a wardrobe as we ended up with most of his clothes within stacker units. As for the bedding and curtains, hes a toddler now so outgrew the baby stage. 

So, as Jack is a toddler he's not yet old enough for a marvel or whatever room, however he does love transport and animals. As he loves animals slightly more I intended to do an animal themed room. As we don't really use the wardrobe and it makes the room more cramped I intended to get a chest of drawers. Overall I intended to make it less baby and more toddler with as much space as possible. 


Jungle Bedroom

So how did we spend the budget? Well we gave Jack's bedroom another coat of paint to freshen it up, and purchased a small monkey wall décor and new curtains. We also purchased a new chest of drawers and demolished the old wardrobe.

Firstly, we gave the bedroom walls another coat of paint, it wasn't damaged this was purely to freshen it up. We then hung Jacks name photo over his radiator and placed up the monkey decal. Whilst the room was empty we cleaned the carpets, as again they weren't damaged or anything so it was the easiest option. Then came the refurnishing. We placed together Jacks chest of drawers and placed his cot back into the room, but moved them the opposite sides of the bedroom.
I purchased some curtains for Jack's bedroom as I couldn't find any linen I liked which would fit in with the animal theme. As Jack's room only has a small window requiring one curtain I used the other curtain to make matching bed linen.
Safari Bed Linen Cot Monkey
Overall Spendature...
Curtains : £19.97
Cot Quilt : £8
Monkey Decal : £3.98
Paint : £9.99

TOTAL : £41.94
The remaining was put towards the chest of drawers, which we got at a bargain price of £25 in a sale at IKEA.
My money saving decorating tips would be to see what nearly new bargains you can pick up from around, or what local people are selling. Also have a look on eBay for some bargains - that's where we got the monkey decal. Also, why not create your own bed linen from excess fabric or wall decorations.
Please Note. I received £50 as a payment from Money Supermarket to do this challenge and share tips.

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