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Tuesday, 23 July 2013
When planning to get married, there are so many items to consider. What date will you plan? Where will your venue be? What colour schemes? Too add to the list of questions there is now the option to get married either indoors or outdoors. After searching around I have found 3 beautiful venues, which offer outdoor weddings.

Boat Wedding.

Firstly we have HQS Wellington which is situation on the Victoria Embankment, London. I love the fact you are able to marry on a boat, which overlooks the stunning iconic highlights of London. The HQS Wellington offers a stunning and memorable location for you wedding venue in which no-one would forget.
Image Credit: HQS Wellington
Beach Wedding.

Next we have Tunnels Beach, which is quite simply the nearest you would get to a beach wedding in the UK. At Tunnels Beach the ceremonies take place under a thatched gazebo overlooking the sea, the views from this location really do look stunning. There is also an onsite bar with a balcony to admire the views afterwards.
Image Credit: Tunnels Beach
Country Garden Wedding.

Finally, we have Wentbridge House which is one of very few licensed venues to host outdoor weddings in Yorkshire.  The venue have recently had a stone gazebo built for the purpose of the ceremonies whilst guests can watch from the beautifully tamed lawns. I can imagine this venue is gorgeous within the summer months, when we have the nice weather. If I lived near Yorkshire this venue would definitely have been a contender for us.

Image Credit Wentbridge House.

I think all of these wedding venues are beautiful all for individual reasons. I particularly like Wentbridge House as its a similar style to where we have chosen to have our wedding. I feel the fact we are now offering outdoor weddings in the UK is amazing, and with limited venues currently offering this service makes it feel even more special.

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  1. The garden looks beautiful! I'd love an outdoor wedding but we never get the weather in NI!

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