Summer Play For Toddlers

Tuesday, 16 July 2013
Summer Play for Toddlers
Summer is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little one to the joys of outdoor play. If they are between one and almost two, chances are this is their first proper summer where they can enjoy and explore a bit more independently, instead of being shown everything from the safety of mummy or daddy’s arms.
Keeping your little ones occupied in the summer weather is much easier, as they can have an almost free run of the great outdoors rather than being kept inside looking at the same things day in day out. If, like many of us, you are baffled as far as coming up with creative ideas is concerned, here are a few toys, games and activities you can do outside to give your toddler sometime in the sun.
Pop up tents are great for your child to hang out in. They provide some much needed shelter from the hot sun, and give your child a ‘den’ to play in – their own private space. Position a pop-up tunnel at the entrance to give them a little challenge when getting into their tent.
Ride-on toys and things they can push around are fabulous for keeping them moving and active. Look out for trikes, shopping trolleys, baby wheelbarrows or even a little pushchair if your little one has dolls.
Slides, swings and seesaws are classic toys, and they will also keep your child’s activity levels up. When your child is just walking, they may need some assistance using these toys until they are more confident on their feet. However, it won’t be long until they are climbing the slide on their own and going down head first!
Getting creative outside has its benefits. For one, sitting out in the breeze and warm sun can make glue dry a little faster! Set up a wipe-clean blanket and get your little one painting, drawing, or doing some creative crafts if he or she is able to manage. Craft sets are a fun yet educational toy, so your little one can learn while playing which is always a bonus.
Water and sand are popular with little people because it allows them to splash, make a mess, or sculpt when sand is involved. Sand pits and paddling pools are cheap enough to pick up and can provide hours of fun for all your children. Just be armed with towels!
Go on, get yourselves out in the garden and enjoy some summer fun with your little one. They aren’t small long, so make the most of these precious days while you can.

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