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Saturday, 20 July 2013
As a parent and a qualified childcare educator it's only obvious I want Jack and my future children to do well, not only my children I want my friends and families children to also. From when I was working within the education environment I remember time is key, although many people think teachers have so much time off, they actually don't. During the time of is planning and preparation for the next term, therefore anything encouraging time-saving is key. This is where twinkl comes in, now I'll start by saying there are a lot of similar websites around. Infact most education settings use the same ones and you can spot the resources a mile off, with twinkl they are a lot different.
So what is Twinkl? Twinkl is a teaching resources website providing unique and free teaching resources. The resources provided fit in with the EYFS, KS1, KS2, SEN, IPC and home educating/parents. We save lots and lots of time - that's what we're here to do. We're your little (or big!) helper when you need it the most and that's what we'll always be. We are all about the long-term. We are here to look after you and to support you in your career. (Twinkl's mission). Twinkl provides a range of learning resources as well as behaviour charts, classroom signs and colouring sheets. On the website you can access individual resource or you can download a resources pack which includes everything, you are then not searching around for matching items. Another great thing I found on the website is they offer a printing service if you work within an education setting some can be a bit funny about you using the ink, or they print out weird so this is a great help.
Twinkl offer both a Premium and Free service to their website. A lot of the resources on Twinkl are free, however you can upgrade to premium to have access to over 10,000 more exciting products. The premium service is £29.99 for a years subscription. This enables Twinkl to create bigger and better learning resources for you to use. You are able to join Twinkl here and you can first sign up for a free account to see what it is like. If you work in a school, or are interested in Twinkl at your school Twinkl have an amazing offer on at the moment where they are offering a free trial, you can read more about that here. On the Twinkl website there is also a forum where you can join in discussions with other like-minded people and get advice and tips.
When speaking to the team before reviewing the website, they thought Twinkl may not yet be suitable for us with Jack's age but still offered to give us a go (shows how lovely the team are). Jack has just turned 17months today so is not yet able to speak many words, recite the alphabet or do many learning activities. However, I am beginning now he is concentrating more to include these into our daily lives at the same time as making them fun. Although I have not used the learning resources yet I have already studied through them and can honestly say they look amazing as does the quality.
One thing Jack has used from the Twinkl website is the colouring pages. Jack is a keen lover of scribbling on items so I decided this was a perfect opportunity to use the colouring sheets. There is a wide range of colouring sheets on the Twinkl website, all of which fit in with different themes so can be used in a variety of situations.
Overall, I am impressed with the Twinkl website and the resources it provides. We haven't even began to look in depth at the website and have already found some amazing resources to help with Jack's development. The website is bright, colourful and very welcoming and it is easy to use. I would definitely recommend this to other parents but also other educators whom I know from study.
 Please Note. I received a premium membership to Twinkl. All opinions and wording are honest and my own.


  1. Aw that's lovely thank you for your kind words! We welcome anyone interested in learning and helping their child at home in some way. It's lovely to see our resources in action too :)

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