Decorating On A Budget

Monday, 12 August 2013
Decorating on a budget
When did decorating become so difficult? I adore my house but every now and then it screams out for a lick of paint. Unfortunately my busy schedule often prevents me from attending to such tasks.

This is why, when we recently changed the storeroom into a study, I decided to make a real go of the decorating process. I began by choosing a colour scheme, an eggshell blue. I originally wanted this shade in my room, my husband didn’t agree.
This room has proved extremely handy due to the fact my parents often visit. They love to see how the grandchildren are getting on but because they live so far away they’ll usually end up staying the night and driving back the next afternoon. Of course I love having them here, the only problem being the little space we have in the house.
With children’s toys often littering every surface, the living room sometimes resembles an assault course. I’ll usually let my parent’s camp out in our room and the husband and I will adopt the sofa for the night. Well this got me thinking, now that we have the study, why not buy an extra bed?
Well an extra bed was a little extreme, as when we measured the room there was little space left for anything else. The range of sofa beds you can get hold of, on the other hand, are a great shout as they fold up neatly when not in use. Both mum and dad now have a room of their own when they come to visit, and one that is mostly toy-free.
The study-come-spare-room boasts an amazing set of bay windows. After a few online tutorials, I managed to construct a pair of curtains to fit them and then went one step further by adding a few window seats. After hours at my desk, I’ll often sit here and watch the world go by. It really is spectacular.  

I can honestly say the study is now one of my favourite rooms in the house. I’ve jazzed it up with black and white pictures, an antique lamp that belonged to my father and a sweet little armchair. What more could you want?
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