Vileda 1-2-Spray Mop Review

Friday, 30 August 2013
I hate mopping; I simply find it the most boring, and time consuming activity. However, recently I was given the opportunity to review for Vileda. I’m sure we can all agree Vileda is a well-known company in the cleaning business and they make well designed products to last. I was given the chance to review the Vileda 1-2-Spray Mop, remember I said I hated mopping – well now I love it, quick and simple job done.
When the mop arrived, I did feel I was turning into either Harry Potter or a witch with the way it was wrapped – it even had me thinking what it could be. The mop simply requires you to attatch the bottom cleaning pad to the handle and then it is read to use (when you fill the water section). It’s simple to just clip the mop head on, I did put it on wrong at first as the sprayer needs to face forward but it did come back off for me to move it around.

The Vileda 1-2-Spray mop is very simple to fill, operate and use. It doesn’t require water or a bucket to carry around without trying to spill the water everywhere – winner already! The mop comes supplied with a small bottle of cleaning solution which you simply pour into the section at the top and away you go. As the filling section is at the top, it requires no bending so is easy to use for a wide range of people – especially those who find it difficult to bend. To get the spray action to work, you press the red leaver under the handle, which you naturally hold onto and spray. The best thing being, if you apply the mop head right, it sprays directly onto where you are about to mop. The mop head is on a swivel connection so it easy to reach awkward places. Once you are finished all your mopping, you simply take off the cotton cover on the mop head and place it within the washing machine ready for another day.
We only have to mop the kitchen and bathroom at the moment as all our other rooms are tiled, however they are awkward to clean. Within our kitchen we have laminated flooring and within the bathroom we have tiles. The Vileda 1-2-Spray mop was easy to use on both of the surfaces, and cleaned them both really well. Using the spray handle with the cleaning fluid already in made it quick and simple to use. I could also use it with a toddler in arm as you simply require one hand to use it. Jack was even able to push the mop around, although he doesn’t yet have the idea of the spray which is a shame!
Would I buy this mop? Yes!
Would I recommend this mop? Definitely, in fact I already have been.
For the performance and ease of use for this mop I would give it a 9 out of 10. Now after a great review you may be wondering why only 9? Well some of the tougher stains on the floor it was unable to scrap up, like the edge of an everyday mop can. Overall star rating would be a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
 The 1-2-Spray mop retails at £24.99 for the mop and £5.99 for a refill pad so is not the cheapest option for a mop, this also goes towards my overall star rating. However I do feel it is an incredibly good mop which would last this therefore would be a good investment.
Please Note. I received this product from Vileda however, all opinions and wording are my own 

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