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Wednesday, 25 September 2013
As Christmas is quickly approaching, I am starting to look more at buying Christmas gifts. Now pre-Jack I would love walking around the shops, looking for individual gifts for everyone, comparing prices and offers in different shops practically until my feet couldn't take much more.
However now I have Jack, its more difficult, last year heading to the shops for Christmas shopping was awkward. No-one respects the pushchair you are trying to negotiate around the tight aisles in the shops, or how they swing their baskets. Last year when I gave people presents I felt like I was missing things, I didn't get to browse as much as I normally would, or shop around for little stocking fillers. That's why this year I'm tackling online shopping. No negotiating aisles with the pushchair, or trying to keep the toddler from screaming the store down.
Now I'm a bit of a savvy spender, but I feel if I find a bargain, I can give them more. True, right? One place you can always be sure to find a bargain is to shop for kids toys online. At least if you shop for toys online, you can see there and then if its in stock, rather than trailing to town to discover its sold out. This year I'm hoping to get Jack some toys which will last him a little longer and have found some lovely items over at AlexandAlexa.
AlexandAlexa have a lovely range of items, and is one online retailer where you are sure to find a gift for all the little people in your lives. ' is your Global Style Destination for kids, offering over 200 coveted international fashion, sportswear and toy brands, from the traditional to the cutting-edge'.
What gifts are you looking at buying for your children this year?
This post is in association with AlexandAlexa

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