BEAR Alphabites Review

Tuesday, 1 October 2013
BEAR Alphabites
Breakfast is simply one of the most important meals of the day, even if I don't eat it myself each day Jack does. Our breakfast choices vary all of the time but always consist of cereal and/or toast. When choosing a cereal I always try to ensure its low in sugar, salt whilst still tasting good.
My Mummys World Alphabites
We were recently asked by BEAR Nibbles if we would like to try their new range of cereal Alphabites, so yes we jumped at the opportunity. We love the BEAR range of snacks so this seemed a great way to continue the brand.
'We created Alphabites because we wanted to span the divide between Mums' desire to give their kids a healthy start to the day, and a product that kids would really want'
My Mummys World AlphaBites Varities
When we received the package, I will firstly amazed by the effort that had been put into sending the package out, secondly I loved the little activity for Jack and I to do (which we still need to) and finally, I loved the packaging of the cereal! Alphabites have bright packaging featuring the BEAR logo and focusing on an individual letter type. We had a B for Bears and M for Magic. On the reverse of the boxes there are puzzles for your child to enjoy. Currently there are 8 illustrated backs but the remaining letters shall be introduced throughout the year.
Alphabites come in 2 flavours, Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain. The cereal contains coconut blossom nectar, giving it natural sweetness rather than sugar. So these cereals contain no added sugar or salt and are high in fibre, low GI and one of your 3 whole grains.
The Alphabites were a big hit within our household with both Jack and myself really enjoying them, yes I'm a big kid! When adding milk, they didn't go mushy like other cereals do, still keeping their letter shape and crunchiness.
These cereals are available to buy from a range of stores priced around £2.69.
Please Note: I received the craft items and two packets of cereals for the purpose of this review, all opinions and wordings are my own.

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