Ellas Kitchen - My Little Big Meals Review

Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Ella's Kitchen - My Little Big Meals Review.
Ella's Kitchen are a well known brand in the Baby Food industry, but did you know they also cater for toddlers too? Being a busy mum I find this perfect as some days I find it difficult to prepare Jack a healthy meal after work before it's his bed time. The Little Big Meals are quick and simple to heat up and contain lots of yummy goodness for your toddler. The range is specifically made for tummies from 12 months+ and each are packed with at least 5 different fruit and vegetables. Perfect for fitting in the 5-a-day.
There are six different dishes included in the Little Big Range including Beef Stew, Bolognese Bake, Chicken Curry, Chicken Paella, Pork Stew and Veggie Moussaka.
Jack was sent the Pork Stew and Chicken Curry for review. Both of the meals contain 200g, which is a very generous amount for a toddler meal, at 19months Jack managed most of the tray but of course left room for pudding.

So first we tried the pork stew, you could tell this was packed full of vegetables. The meal was easy for Jack to digest and feed himself, whilst being packed with lots of flavours.
The Pork Stew includes '100% fruit, vegetables, minced pork + beans, made from a mix of just organic hearty food and bursting with 6 different fruit + veggies.'
Next up was the Chicken Curry, it was nice and mild which I liked and again the vegetables were easy viewable. Jack had this whilst we had a takeout, he was then able to join in with a similar meal to use without it being too spicy.
The Chicken Curry includes '100% fruit, vegetables, chicken + rice, with a sprinkle of spice. Made from a mix of just organic hearty food and bursting with 5 different fruit + veggies.'
Overall, I think these are fab toddler meals, especially for busy parents or those who just need a quick healthy meal on the go. As they have quite a good date on them they would be great to keep in the cupboard for an 'emergency meal'. I would definitely recommend these to other parents.
You can find more information about the Little Big Meals range on the Ella's Kitchen website.
Please Note: We received these products from Ella's Kitchen for the purpose of review, however all opinions and wordings are my own and no influence from the supplied product.

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