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Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Over the festive period this year we intend to change around and redecorate Jacks room - yes again! However we will be swapping his bed from a Cot to a Cot Bed to allow him more room for his things in there. My only worry with this is him falling out of bed, we were then given the opportunity  to review a Lindam Bed Rail, Perfect! I want the transition for Jack to be as smooth as possible so initially we decided to take one side off Jack's cot and replace it with the bed rail and leave the other side on for now. However, as I was taking the one side off I decided to make my life easier by just creating a bed straight away.  

'The Lindam Safety Toddler Bedrail helps children make the transition from a cot to a bed without the fear of falling out in the night. Designed to cushion the child as they sleep, the lightweight extendable metal frame is padded and covered with fabric. The secure locking mechanism and convenient hinged folding design makes lifting the child and changing the bedding easy'
Lindam Bed Rail.

When the bed rail arrived I couldn't wait to get it together and started with, however it did take me a couple of days to tackle changing the room around. When I eventually came to place it together it took me no longer than 10 minutes and I did it alone, amazing I know... The metal poles simply clip into one another, and into the cover. The hardest part is the edges, however even that is simple enough.

Next step was to fit it to the bed, this was possibly the hardest step as Jack has a cot bed its not quite large enough to fit on the slats. However with careful balancing we managed it. It has an adjustable width so we laid it out as described and placed the mattress on top then pulled the cord to fit it to the bed. I thought this was fab as it meant the guard was suitable for a variety of sized beds.

As I said previously Jack has a cot bed, so its not as deep as a normal bed. The Lindam Bed Rail can be folded down to make getting your child in and out of bed easier as well as changing the sheets easier. In Jack's bed it cannot be folded down flat however I can still fold it down. I find this a perfect addition as it means its in no interference with the all time use of the bed. You simply fold the side down by lifting two buttons and it will fold, nice and simple to do.

Please Excuse the unmade bed (everything was in the wash)

So I know your all wanting to know, how did we find it and did it work?
Well Jack amazingly was eager to get into his 'new' bed so I placed him in there for his nap (normally he would nap in our bed) and he went off straight away with no problems. Then we came to the night which he wasn't so pleased about dropping off to sleep in there so he nodded off in our bed and slept through. No problems in there at all and when checking on him I did find him right up against the guard so its been an amazing help to us already!

Overall, both Ashley and I are really impressed with the Lindam Bed Rail and would definitely recommend it to others looking for a bed rail. I know Jack is now able to sleep in his 'big boy bed' with no problems of falling out onto the floor.
This bed rail is priced at £24.99 and is available from a variety of retailers. This product in particular has won a variety of awards so well worth the money. Its suitable for slatted, divan and ensemble beds with mattress widths from 76 to 140cm and mattress lengths from 160 to 210cm.

Disclaimer: We received this bed guard free of charge, all opinions are my own and not influenced.

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  1. Seem like a good stuff. A bit too much plastic, but that's only my perspective. I'm a fan of a bit more simple and plain stuff. We bought everything from Trollonline. Quite happy.



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