OXO Tot Twist Top Bottle Review

Friday, 22 November 2013
We have used many OXO Tot items, and its a brand we have come to love in our house so when we were asked if we would like to review their Twist Top Bottle we agreed. Jack no longer has a 'bottle' so larger cups are much more useful to us now. One thing I love about the OXO Tot range is its very quirky, I find quirky items encourage Jack to eat and drink more.
'Whether it’s for lunch or an after-school football game, keep your big kid hydrated with the fun, easy-to-use OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle. A twist of the non-slip lid reveals a soft straw that is comfortable to drink from. The soft, non-slip carrying loop is comfortable and easy to hold. The lid twists closed keep the straw clean and prevent spills when not in use. The large opening makes filling, cleaning and adding ice easy.'
The bottle itself is quite large holding a capacity of 300ml/12oz, which for us is perfect. The bottle itself is very strong and is translucent to match the colour you choose, aqua in our case. The lid itself is made with a non-slip material so easy to open - you can also do it with wet hands incredible I know! It is easy to open and close, Jack struggles a little with 'clicking' it to lock however can turn it easily. However, I don't find this a negative as the cup is aimed at 2+ and Jack is 21months.
OXO Tot Twist Top Bottle
This cup comes with a straw which is completely tucked away into the lid stopping it from leaking, which its does well. The straw itself is very durable and long lasting, even with a teething toddler having a chew at it. Upon the side of the bottle there is a loop, which you could use to attach to the pushchair (which we did with a buggy clip) or hold on your finger.
I would definitely recommend this bottle to other parents of toddlers or even older children, its certainly not a 'baby' product with a 'baby' design.
The product comes within 3 colours, Aqua, Green and Raspberry and available in the one size. It is priced at £8.00 which I think is very reasonable for such a top quality product. It's slightly more than I would generally pay within a store however I do think the quality will make it last longer and be more durable.
Please Note: We have received this bottle from OXO Tot for review, all opinions and wordings are my own and no other compensation was received.

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