Bloggers Night In - Feeding 10 Hungry Bloggers

Wednesday, 4 December 2013
Bloggers Night In - Feeding 10 Hungry Bloggers
I had a fantastic time at out Bloggers Night In a couple of weeks back - I only wish it was happening again but didn't happen so quickly. I previously mentioned we had a lot of lovely items provided for us, one of those being Domino's for tea. Pizza is loved by many so a popular choice with us all. We were lucky enough to have the local dominoes sponsor our tea for us.
Domino's give you a variety of pizza choices pre-made but also give you options to customise your own. They also sell a variety of sides and deserts as well as drinks, so perfect for meal planning all in one go. Some of the bloggers are vegetarian, I was fascinated to learn Domino's do a range of vegetarian pizza options. We received four medium sized pizzas which were Veggie Supreme, Cheese & Tomato, The Carolina & Pepperoni Passion. We the also received two boxes of Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls. Our pizza arrived at the specified time and was piping hot when it arrived, which was great, especially on a cold evening.

At home we always have the same pizzas whenever we have pizza so it was nice to try a different type for a change. I had some of The Carolina 'BBQ sauce, chicken breast strips, smoked bacon rashers, onions, tomatoes, crispy onions, drizzled with mustard mayo' and also some Pepperoni Passion 'Extra pepperoni and extra mozzarella cheese on a Domino’s tomato sauce base'. I'm not particularly a fan of mustard but I couldn't taste it on there, which is fab because I wouldn't have eaten it otherwise. The other two pizzas were a big hit too and not much was left when all of us had eaten. We then finished them off with some Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls '6 warm fresh dough pizza rolls wrapped with delicious Belgian chocolate chips, sprinkled with icing sugar' which were delicious! They were sweet but still divine, perfect for a sweet tooth.
So a big thanks to Domino's for providing us with a tasty meal and making our evening amazing!

Disclosure: We received this meal free for some of us to do an honest review.


  1. I love Dominos. So much. Veggie Supreme all the way! I now want Dominos! >.<

    Alex x

  2. I was so surprised by how nice The Carolina was as it wasn't something I would ever choose normally, it was really tasty.

  3. The Carolina was also my favourite



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