Britax B-Motion 3 - Unboxing and Initial Review.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Back in July you may remember I wrote a post about being chosen as a Britax Mumbassador, something I was really happy about. So when I was offered the opportunity to review a pushchair for them I again got really excited - Ashley on the other hand didn't. I mean I love pushchairs him not so much. 
So, I meant to write this post a while ago but with everything which has been going on recently I just haven't had chance. Unfortunately for me this pushchair came through Parcelforce, who never deliver parcels to me just drop them at my local post office, which is a little annoying. So off I toddled to the post office to find it was my pushchair, which I carried back even though the box was a little large and awkward. 
So yes the packaging is big, and it was awkward to carry from the post office, but this is just the box. Initially it did have me thinking "I wonder if its a large pushchair?" "Where will I store it?". Storage isn't really a problem for us, but something I like to consider in my reviews for others. So when I fetched it from the box, I was amazed to discover it's no particularly large at all. The wheels are quite large but that's a good thing. 
Within the box was the chassis, hood, three wheels, bumper bar, car seat attachments, a rain cover and the all important instruction manual. 

So as I was super keen to set this together, I did so straight away. I didn't use the instructions for the putting together of the pushchair, it was pretty straight forward and completed in a maximum of ten minutes.
The wheels simply push in place, the hood slots in place within two small holes on the side of the chassis and the bumper par simply slides in place and slides on and off. Ok well that took a couple of attempts but soon got the hang of it. 

Difficulty come for me when it was time to fold it back down again. I pressed the little buttons on the side - no luck and they were the only way I could see to fold it. So cue the instruction manual and reading how to fold the Britax. Simple when I say it back - slide the small grey buttons (which I was doing) but at the same time, pull upwards using the black strap in the centre of the seat. Cue me getting stressed as it still didn't work instantly, however I then realised you press the grey buttons after sliding them. Amazing how quickly you can do so when you read instructions. 
When the Britax was folded I was amazed at just how compact it folds, compact with the wheels on but these can also be removed for storage. It did come as a surprise how small it was but proves that large more robust frames do not have to be bulky when folded.

The Britax B Motion 3 also has a range of features which I love too. There is a lockable front wheel, zipped back pocket, extendable hood and a peep hole in the hood.  
As soon as I'd put the pushchair together Jack proceed to climb into it, which he managed alone, and sat in it until I told him it was time to put it away. Cue screaming toddler. So yes initially the Britax B Motion 3 is a big hit with us and a pushchair I'm looking forward to sharing our full review with soon. 


  1. I like how small it folds up and love the colour

  2. I like the look of this one although I'm not ordinarily a fan of three wheelers. The hood looks really clever and the colour is fab. I'll look forward to your full review.



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