Choosing to have an Unplugged Wedding

Friday, 6 December 2013
When you go to a special event or on holiday there is always one thing you always take - your camera. However when having a celebration such as a wedding many more brides and grooms are choosing to have an 'unplugged wedding'.
Well what is an unplugged wedding I hear you say let me explain.
In simple turns, its simply where guests leave their photographic equipment be it cameras, phones or tablets and simply enjoy the day.

Yes your guests will have still shared your special day with you, and enjoyed your happy memories but they have spent the time looking at a small screen trying to capture a perfect shot. Most couples these days do infact hire a professional photographer whom I'm sure many couples would share their photos. So why would you hire a photographer and have your guests possibly ruin your photographs?
A hired photographer can do their work more easily and get better shots without competing for space and the flashes of guests cameras. Think of the pictures you would get? Not only this, social media is vastly growing, do you want your photographs on their before you see them?
A perfect example of how a plugged wedding can ruin your professional wedding photographs can be found here.
Image Credit Corey Ann Photography
Having an unplugged wedding doesn't have to be addressed rudely - there are so many ways in which it can be addressed.
'Welcome to our Unplugged Wedding. We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Please turn off all phones and cameras. Thank You!'
'We kindly ask all our guests to put away electronic devices during the ceremony. We promise it will be short and sweet and we don't want you to miss a thing!'
'Please let our Professional Photographers be our only paparazzi during our ceremony today.'
Are you having an unplugged wedding? What are your feelings on an unplugged wedding?


  1. No! I would hate that! I know what you mean about everyone being there to enjoy the day but it is so nice looking back at all of our family and friend's photos as well as the professional ones as you get lots of different perspectives.

  2. I think a lot of guests will take it badly! lol, but I can see it from both sides. i do think saying noone bring phones into the wedding at all will come across a little "bridezilla"?? :p we do have this no photography in some of our weddings though when it is segregated, cos women dont want pics of them taken and dont know who it will be shown infront of, as they are women who normally cover up!

  3. I enjoy taking the pictures though

  4. When we got married the vicar asked for no photos in church so that everyone concentrated on the service and I totally agree. Wait until the vows have been exchanged and then click



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