Including your Pets at Christmas.

Friday, 13 December 2013
Aside from Jack, our dogs are also our babies. We now have just two dogs which Jack loves so they still get treated with lots of love and attention. So why would we leave them out at christmas? We always get them a small gift at christmas, be it a festive chew or a big bone that will last a while. However, this year, they have been well and truly spoilt with special thanks to Pets at Home for their doggy hamper. 

They were sent a selection of 5 items, a penguin squeaky toy, a penguin twist toy, a rawhide & munchy stocking, munchy hohoho bones and a reindeer pom pom jumper.

The penguin squeaky toy and twist toy are cute little dog toys, and were a great hit with our dogs. They have an RRP of £2. The twist toy is something that will last quite a while with them, the squeaky toy on the other hand isn't really as being terriers they have a tendency to chew things up. However for the small price they cost it would provide them with hours of fun. Even Jack loves the squeak in it. 
The rawhide and munchy stocking has an RRP of £7 and is a great gift to purchase for your family pet. Included inside is a wide selection of treats for your dog to enjoy far beyond christmas. I would definitely purchase one of these for our dogs as it would provide them with hours of treat time. 

The munchy HoHoHo bones come in a pack of two with an RRP of £2.50. They are great as a little treat or stocking filler for your pets. We gave the dogs one each of these, and it was something they enjoyed whilst we were working out in the garden. 
Our final item within the box was a Reindeer Pom Pom Jumper, this has an RRP of £10 and is really good quality and something cute for your pets. When my Dad lived at home he would moan every time me or mum put anything on our pets, a few years back I dressed Abbie up as a reindeer, she wasn't impressed however she wasn't really that bothered with this jumper on. In fact I think she liked it. 
Pets at Home have a fantastic range of gifts for your pets this festive season, and also a range of jumpers for your pets too. There is something to suit all budgets.

Disclaimer: We were sent these products from Pets At Home in return for an honest review.  


  1. They look so cute in their clothing!

  2. Looks like some more pets are being pampered this Christmas - bet they're happy

  3. I love that jumper - so cute!



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