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Wednesday, 18 December 2013
Come on admit it, how many of you love Downton Abbey? I'm not really one to watch that much television anymore, but I do love to watch Downton Abbey every now and again. The lifestyle in which it is set just amazes me. I find it a lovely way to relax by watching it. With Christmas fast approaching it's also time for another Downton Abbey Christmas Special. This is normally on record each Christmas as evening are spent enjoying both Christmas and my Aunt's birthday so please, don't spoil it for me. 

One thing I would love to do though, is stay in a English stately home like and pretend to be a Lady.
 With Christmas just around the corner now, Cumbrian Cottages have compiled an infographic showcasing this country's finest country cottages and manor houses. So by visiting one of these, we could all pretend to be a Lady, Earl or Countess. However, just don't expect to have your very own Mr Carson, I'm not sure that is included with the package. 

In Collabaration with Cumbrian Cottages.

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  1. They look lovely, I've been to Highclere - where Downtown is filmed :)



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