Lifetime Of Chores.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Who likes doing chores? Well when you put it that way I don't, but when I think about it in other ways then I do actually enjoy 'Chores'. 

I love cleaning, I find it extremely relaxing - especially when I can work alone. I also enjoy a bit of retail therapy in shopping (both food and clothing), but only when its not busy and I can look around. 

When I saw this infographic from Co-Operative Insurance, I couldn't help but agree with parts. 
I noticed people in the West Midlands spend the most time on average cleaning each month, which living in the Midlands and enjoying cleaning I agree with. Which leads to women on average cleaning twice as much as men, which definitely stands in our home as I'm in a lot more. 

However, just because I love cleaning I also love spending time with Jack and playing with him. I was shocked to discover those surveyed spend just over 9 hours a month playing with their children - 9 hours a month. I do more than this in a week! Our home isn't always spotless, we have toys and books dotted everywhere, but that's how I love my home - we have a child after all. 

I love spending time in our garden, and hope to spend even more out there this year, I was shocked to discover people spend four times as much time in front of the TV as they do in the garden. Even during the evenings I don't spend much time watching the television - in fact I'm not entirely sure why we have one. 

Life time of chores - An infographic by the team at Co-operative Insurance

On the whole, this infographic makes me think about our life in comparison with others on average. 

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  1. Interesting as I hate doing housework!



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