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Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Finding the right bed for your baby is both important for you and your baby. The bed in which you choose for the early days, as well as long term needs to suit both your needs and those of your baby. When having your first child you can be overwhelmed by what is available on the market, lots of different items for lots of different uses. When I found out I was pregnant with Jack I couldn’t wait to start looking at the different products available. The two things I was most looking forward to was purchasing a pushchair and creating a babies nursery.

From the early days I knew I wanted both a swinging crib for the early days and a cot bed for when the crib was out-grown. When I was a baby I was in a swinging crib and my mom said it was the best thing she purchased. Maybe this influenced my decision I don’t know but either way I wanted a Moses basket for downstairs, crib for our bedroom and then a cot bed for when he was older and in his own room.

As I wanted all three of these items, the cost of the nursery department had to be split quite a lot so looking for something beautiful whilst affordable was a bit of a task. So whilst I know cost is important to a lot of people, but you still want different items, especially in your first pregnancy, I came across some gorgeous cribs available from Argos.

If you want to take your crib away on holiday with you, you may also want to invest in a lightweight and portable one. You can find the best travel cribs over at wanderlust. These would have been ideal for us, as we took Jack on his first holiday at 5 weeks old to Germany, obviously way to small for anything. 

We had a beautiful swinging crib, which are recommended from birth until around six months. Ours had a swinging action and a locking mechanism so that once Jack was asleep we could stop it rocking more. We found it better than placing Jack into a big open cot as it’s still a small sleeping environment, and smaller than a cot but providing more durability than I thought a Moses basket would.

When we consider having baby number two I will definitely be purchasing another swinging crib, as I found it very useful in the first 8 or so months of Jacks life, yes he was small enough to fit in it that long.

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  1. I love swinging cribs but we went for a moses basket then cot bed. Our moses basket has been passed on and is now on to it's third baby (with a new mattress each time) so it's done really well.



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