Do you have what it takes to be a DIY bride?

Friday, 16 May 2014
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A DIY Bride

Over the past few years more and more weddings have become more personalised as more people choose DIY.
Goodbye tradition, Hello unique!
But you may think DIY weddings are gorgeous and effortless but they aren't for everyone and certainly aren't effortless. I've found this out as in my mind originally I planned to do so much myself, but as our wedding day is ever fast approaching and I'm becoming really busy, I'm wondering if I will ever manage it and if it will look as good.
So below are things to consider before becoming a DIY bride or groom.

Do you have the time?
DIY things normally take longer than you imagine so do you have time to complete all projects 2-3 months before the day. Be realistic, do you have time to sit and complete the tasks whilst still considering your social life and sanity, you don't want to become a Bridezilla.

Will it fit in with your venue?
When you initially get engaged or set a date it's easy to get carried away, especially on Pinterest. However, before planning the smaller details you need to consider your venue. If your planning a big princess style wedding, burlap runners may not fit in as much as they would in an outdoor wedding venue.

Do you have help?
You may be a pro-crafter but there is a high chance you will need help along the way. This could simply be as your running out of time or again for some sanity. Having help can be fun too, get your bridesmaids round for some wine and DIY.

Do you have the resources?
So you've imagined and maybe 'pinned' everything you would like but is it easy for you to source everything? Thankfully we have many online sites and ways so mostly the answer is yes. However you still need to check they are within your DIY budget, sometimes it easier and cheaper just hiring.

Do you love DIY projects?
DIY is definitely not for everyone. You don't want to spend lots of time and money to discover you don't enjoy DIY projects. On.y choose to be a DIY bride if you've always enjoyed crafting jot just to save money.

If you've answered yes to each question then congratulations and enjoy your DIY projects.
If not don't forget professionals are there to help you - it doesn't make your wedding boring or any less personal, most companies will adapt there services to you these days anyway.

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