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Friday, 2 May 2014
So Day two of #BEDM today the prompt is 5 of my favourite posts. 
Now, I'm not one into telling you all to look at my blog - it's not completely fantastic but its me. But today's aim is to do just that, I don't particularly have a favourite post so I've chosen memories from my blog in which I wrote about.

Firstly, From The Beginning; My Pregnancy and Birth. Obviously my blog is wrote about life with Jack, memories and everything. As I started the blog when he was 6 months I just wrote a simple post regarding my pregnancy journey and birth. It's the most precious thing to me, the day I discovered and became a mother.

Secondly, 2012 in a nutshell, 2012 saw so many memories both happy and sad. Lots of things happened that year that would change my life forever quite simply

Next, Reflecting on Bloggers Night In, meeting these wonderful ladies was a fantastic opportunity for me, I've had so much support from these ladies throughout my time of blogging with helpful hints and tips included. 

Babies First Holiday is another of my favourite memories and posts. This was a wonderful holiday and seeing the many emotions of Jack and reliving how much he changed even during just this one trip away is amazing. It was a lovely holiday to spend as a large extended family and many memories were created.

Finally, this post about our wedding countdown is another favourite. Our wedding is now zooming along, it will be happening before we even know it which is incredibly scary actually. But in the year we have been planning we have managed to achieve so much. 

So yes, not posts which are incredibly written, not posts which are particularly 'favourites' but posts which hold many memories and changes for me, posts which mean a lot to me.

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