Week 15.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fifteen weeks now. Okay again a little on the late update side, this week I have finally told work about my pregnancy. I can't deny the growing belly for too much longer and would rather nip it in the bud first. 

This week I started with a little sciatica, I've never had it before but an only presume its the standing all day and pregnancy taking its toll. I've had absolutely lots of questions from Jack about the baby and him asking to see the baby. Poor boy will be waiting a while. 
I've been going to be a lot earlier than I normally would, but I'm also waking more in the night and earlier in the mornings. I still don't have too much of an appetite but I am beginning to eat more. 

This week baby is the size of an orange. The lanugo, a fine downy hair has begun growing and will keep baby warm until they develop some fat. Baby can now recognise light, and is developing their sucking, swallowing and gasping skills. 

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