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Saturday, 28 February 2015
At the end of January, a while ago I know its been a hectic few months, I was contacted by Feedem to see if we would like to review some products they stock upon their website.

Feedem are a family run business trading since 1994. Feedem provides a website with pet food and accessories from leading suppliers, they also pride themselves on having excellent customer service. 

We were sent a small package with a range of products to test with the dog and both cats, 
We were sent, an ActiCat Plastic Playground toy, a Kong Active catnip scratch apple, a bag of food each and a danish design quilted mattress.

Jack couldn't wait to get into the package and get the cats to play with the toys. He asked me to set up the playground toy and the apple for them to play with. The cats were more impressed with the apple than the playground too, and still to this day much prefer the apple toy

They both enjoyed the food, for the cats it was something different in which they hadn't had before but they seemed to enjoy it. For Abbie, wagg is a regular brand of dog food in which we purchase for her, but generally a different flavour so she was happy with a change, or at least she acted that way.

Finally the Danish design quilted mattress, this for me was by far the best product within the package. Abbie has a beautiful bed which I purchased which cost me an absolute arm and a leg, but she doesn't seem to lie in it that well and with moving soon we decided a new bed would be good. 
My first impression of this was good, the colour was fab and it seemed quite thick and comfortable for her to lie on. It felt good quality and like it would last. 
At first she seemed a little nervous to lay on it, normal with something new but with some gentle encouragement from Jack she was soon on there and now needs no encouragement at all. 
For Abbie we had the 68cm bed shes only a Jack Russel so doesn't need a large bed but this is currently priced at £8.25 which is such a bargain compared to what I've previously paid. I would even go to say this is much better quality. 

There is such a wide selection of products upon the website which are all really reasonably priced. I will definitely be shopping on there again soon. 

Please Note: I was sent a range of products free of charge for the purpose of this review. My review is in no way influenced by this.

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