Week 18.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I've been working in a different store lately and the time is flying by and I'm hardly getting anytime to come online so bump updates have been a miss. However I'm determined to not leave it too much longer. 

So I'm 18 and a half weeks now, its going by a little quickly I'm almost half way through this pregnancy but I still feel like I've got a long way to go and I've been pregnant forever. As I mentioned a little further up I'm working in another store at the moment, and this store is doing so much more to help me with my pregnancy and actually following the work guidelines. I finally feel like I'm being looked after. 
This week I did begin to feel some slight movements, only at nighttime though when I'm relaxing ready to sleep. It's nice to feel something as I couldn't feel anything until later in pregnancy with Jack. 

This pregnancy I was referred to see a consultant due to my tear in first pregnancy, I went for this appointment last week where I was kindly informed I wouldn't need to see the consultant again unless any problems and was given a date for my cesarean.  I like the fact I know already when baby will be arriving, however I am choosing not to share this date at the moment. 

This week baby is about the size of a bell pepper, about 14cm long and weighing around 200g. Babies nerves are forming a protective covering of myelin which is vital for their nervous system to develop and function after birth.


  1. Oh congratulations, what a lovely bump you have! Looking forward to reading more updates- thank you for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x x

  2. Congratulations and thank you for linking up to #bloggerbumps. I can't wait to follow your bump updates. How exciting that you are already getting slight movements - I really miss that! Do you think you would ever have the screens lowered for your C-Section? If I had another one I would! x



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