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Tuesday, 7 April 2015
I love photography, I love looking how creative people are with photographs and I love looking back on ones in which I have taken. I would love to progress my photography further, for a while I've been thinking of getting a new camera but often put other things first. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words. I feel that in the future I will regret not taking some better photos of Jack, and his future sibling, but also our days out, our memories. Even now in Jacks short three years I often look back on images of when he was small, images of our trips out, so many memories in a photo.

I also feel that my blog would benefit a lot from some better photography, maybe the person behind the camera needs lessons too. I love taking photographs, although the family often look at me weird if I choose too, I mean my little camera and phone just aren't cutting it. But memories are much better then weird looks right?

These days there is so much choice in cameras, but I think a camera such as the Panasonic bridge camera is a good option.  They are a step up from the traditional ‘point and shoot’ cameras whilst not being as fiddly as a DSLR. Many now offer as good a picture as a DSLR would. They offer opportunities to alter settings more so than a point and shoot giving the user more control with the settings allowing them to be more creative. I do own a lovely bridge camera as well as a point and shoot and although they both take lovely pictures, the bridge is definitely much clearer.

Now that the summer is fast approaching, I think I will definitely need to improve and take some beautiful photographs in the natural light.

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