New Baby Lotto - Orchard Toys Review

Wednesday, 6 May 2015
We are quite big fans of Orchard Toys, Jack has quite a selection coming along both at home and at his grandparents. With a baby on the way I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review their new game 'New Baby Lotto'. I've been looking at different ways in which I can include Jack within the pregnancy and prepare him for the new baby so this was perfect. 

 New Baby Lotto is designed to help parents prepare their child for the arrival of a new baby. It's aimed at children two upwards and the aim of the game is to simply find and match the items in your picture. Each piece of the board game is bright and colourful and gives different images of things needed with a new baby. Jack likes asking what each item is for and then repeating it when he sees it again. 

Each player receives a game board and the pieces are spread out face down on a surface. Each player then takes it in turn to choose a piece and see if it matches the images on their board. To be the winner of the game each player simply has to match all the pieces of their board game. 

Jack has been playing this game both at home and at his grandparents house and has had lots of fun playing it. I would definitely recommend this game to others who are expecting a baby and would like to prepare their child for a new arrival. It's aimed at younger children but a perfect way to include them, it's priced at £9.50 which I think is ideal. 

Please Note: We received this game free of charge, however this does not influence any views expressed within this review. 

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