Casdon Little Cooks Morphy Richards Kitchen Set.

Saturday, 13 June 2015
I know I've mentioned this before but Jack loves role play, especially cleaning and cooking. He loves doing what Mummy does around the house. So when he received his own little Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set he was really excited. He couldn't wait to open up the box and begin playing. 

Within the box is a range of kitchen miniatures replicating the Morphy Richards appliances. Theres a kettle, coffee machine and toaster along with two cups and saucers, two plates, cutlery for two, a sausage, fried eggs, slice of bacon and two slices of toast. 

You are able to fill the coffee machine with water and watch it trickle through into the pot and also fill the kettle with water for more realistic play - Jack loved this and did soak the floor in the process. Jack loves playing with water - as I know many children do so its good for them to be able to do something different. On the kettle there is a gauge indicator which is rather realistic as well as a push button to boil the water. Each of the products within this range have been well thought out and each little detail has been considered. 

The toaster has a realistic lever which allows you to push the toast down into the toaster and await it popping back up. No batteries are required - which is excellent! Jack love placing the toast down and waiting for it to pop back up. 

Within the set there is a couple of food pieces in which Jack has enjoyed making us various breakfast combinations. The set does only come with one piece of bacon, one egg and one sausage however play food is easy enough to come across if you want to extend your range. I've had many a cup of tea made and egg on toast. 

I think this set is well made, and the quality of the products is fantastic. It will hopefully last for a while. It costs £15.99 and is available on Amazon and in good toy shops.

Please Note: We received this toy free of charge, however this does not influence any views expressed within this review. 

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