Claudi & Fin Frozen Yoghurt Review

Wednesday, 10 June 2015
A little while ago we were contacted and asked if we would like to review some frozen yoghurts from Claudi & Fin. We've never tried frozen yoghurt before, we love yoghurt but its a fridge dish, but with the summer fast approaching what perfect time to try them. A couple of weeks ago we finally went to the shops to purchase some and finally getting round to writing about them. 

Claudi & Fin is a delicious Greek style frozen yoghurt lolly packed with real fruit and added Vitamin D. Low in sugar and calories, these delicious lollies are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Claudi & Fin is a brand created by two mums who met at playgroup, they discovered they had a mutual love for great tasting, healthy food especially for their children. They struggled to find any natural ice lollies and set about making their own - thats how Claudi & Fin was born. 
So Jack and I have had plenty of time now to give these lollies some taste testing. The lollies come in two different flavours - Strawberry and Mango. I did just want to buy strawberry as I'm not overly keen on mango but wanted to give an open review - and Jack could possibly like mango. Each lolly is just over 50kcal for the calorie counters so perfect for weight loss treats too, never mind the kiddies. 
The packaging on each lolly is very inviting for children, and the portion size is perfect. 

Now, these lollies are very healthy, but don't let the healthiness make you think they aren't tasty because they really are. The strawberry ones were a firm favourite with myself, the mango ones are tasty too and these were Jack's favourite. I will definitely be purchasing more of these during the warmer months for Jack and I to enjoy. 

Please Note: I received a gift card to purchase these products for the purpose of this review.

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