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Wednesday, 24 June 2015
Sleeping when pregnant can be difficult, I've especially found it difficult of recent for a mix of reasons but the main one being getting comfortable. When pregnant with Jack I never had any problems with my sleep and getting comfortable but my bump with Jack was much smaller than this time. Within the last couple of weeks with my pregnancy with Jack I would occasionally have an extra pillow between my knees but not always and this did the trick. This time, that just wasn't cutting it. So when PregnancyPillows contacted me asking if I wanted to review one of their pillows, I was quick to decide yes. 

PregnancyPillows are based in Manchester and specialise in pregnancy and nursing pillows helping us get our sleep before baby is born and supporting us with feeding afterwards. They have over 15 years experience and offer long lasting products in a range of designs, fabrics and colours. 
PregnancyPIllows L Shaped Pillow

I opted for the L-Shaped pillow which provides comfort and support in a more manageable size. It's basically a huge sausage shaped like an L, but can be shaped into other ways too. There are four other pillow styles too which can all be customised with different fillings, colours and lavender scented filling. I opted for the 'Original' in cream. 

The pillow arrived really quickly and I was really looking forward to using it that evening. Jack also found it very comfortable and kept hugging it throughout the daytime. The case is very soft against the skin, much softer than a normal pillowcase. I was unaware of the lavender scent, its not overly powering in fact I can't even smell it too much anymore. 
PregnancyPIllows L Shaped Pillow
Image from PregnancyPillows

I have used the pillow in a variety of different ways. I've used the pillow to sleep with, with it between my legs supporting my bump and helping for an easy nights sleep. I've used it in a V-Shape supporting my lower back when sitting, and Jack's used it this way too. I've also used it folded up as a giant pillow, when I've just wanted a little extra support. 

It can be a little awkward to move around at night, but its super comfy so this takes that away. The cover is machine washable so if it falls to the floor in the night, I don't mind. I only wish I'd have got one of these sooner and it's definitely something I would recommend to pregnant friends. 

Please Note: I received this pillow for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Mummy of Two + 126 June 2015 at 09:40

    I couldn't have gotten through my pregnancies without my pillows!



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