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Saturday, 20 June 2015
Before children I was generally low maintenance hardly carrying much around within my bag. However, bags were definitely my thing I think my wardrobe was just a shrine to handbags and was often told I had way too many and needed to sort them out.
Fast forward a few years and my pretty handbags were traded in for a changing bag. I've had a year or so of not needing a changing bag anymore, yet I never reverted back to the army of bags I once had and went for a more minimalist look.
Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Change Bag

Days when I'm on my own I simply carry my keys, phone and bank card - generally not taking a bag with me as I find the few I have left too big for this. Since being pregnant my pregnancy notes often will come for a ride too (that's when I miss the handbag or changing bag).

My Mummys World Go Go Thomas Bag

However, on a day with Jack everything changes and a bag is needed. On a general day for just a trip to the shops Jack has his own little backpack. In all honesty its not that exciting, comprising of a couple of pull up's, wipes, a drink and a snack. I generally then chuck my essentials in there, purse, phone and keys and off we go. 

If we are planning to be out for a day trip, I will pack a change of clothes or at least a t-shirt and when we have nice weather the sun cream and a hat make their way in too. 

Soon, I'll be back to the changing bag needed for baby each day. Then I'll have many essentials I will need when going out. 
Babies Health Record (Red Book) - always an essential especially in the early days. With Jack I attended weight clinic regularly to keep a check on his growth and will probably do the same again this time. Also any appointments with Health Visitors, GP's or Midwives before you are discharged they always want to see it so handy to have it in the same place. 
Nappies - yet again, essential. This time I will be using cloth nappies from the early days rather than later on, I'm unsure on how many I will need exactly yet. 
Wipes - I intend to use cloth wipes this time, but will also have a pack of disposable wipes too as you never know when you need to clean up a spillage - well at least not with Jack. 
Wet Bag - the Pink Lining changing bag I have comes with a handy wet bag which I will be using for dirty clothes, but I will also have a wet bag handy for dirty nappies. 
Anti-Bacteria hand gel - you never know where you will be when baby needs a nappy change, on several occasions with Jack we have been caught with no changing facilities so I always carry hand gel for emergency hand washing facilities. 
Change of clothes - both for the baby and for Jack, again Jack's will possibly only be a t-shirt but I will have a full outfit for baby especially vests. 
Muslin Cloths & Breastfeeding Cover - this time I'm hoping to breastfeed. I'll have muslins to use as a cover up or burping cloth (or even to mop sick if anything like Jack was) but also until I gain confidence I will have my breastfeeding cover handy too. 
Possibly dummies - Jack took to a dummy and I'm unsure yet whether this baby will or not however it won't be introduced straight away as I'll try to combat breastfeeding first. 
Jack's drink and snack - I will still have Jack around with me and he will still need his essentials but they will fit within the same bag so nice and handy.
Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Change Bag

My changing bag is currently packed as babies hospital bag and will revert back to its original needs soon after. 

So, depending where I'm off and who I have with me depends on my essentials but it always comprises of phone, keys and purse. Every day is different comprising of different needs - but none the less all simple. 

What essentials do you carry about with you? Is there anything I've forgotten? Especially changing bag wise.

This is my entry into Pink Lining's Ambassador Search.

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  1. Mummy of Two + 126 June 2015 at 09:37

    You forget how much you need when you have a baby don't you, it is taking me ages to get out of the house again!



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