When life gives you lemons...

Thursday, 25 June 2015
When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and squirt life in the eyes...

Life of recent has been a little bit, well challenging - everything happens for a reason though right? Well we can only hope so. 
I've not wrote a general life post in absolutely ages - I hate the thought of people I know reading about my life especially since I found out some family members read the blog but this is my little space of the internet so what the hell. 
I was hoping this year would be a lot better with no down-falls but it seems not. The end of October last year saw me split with Ashley, although it was hard I'm still here to tell the tale. In December mum and I decided the house we lived in just had too much negativity and we decided to sell up and purchase somewhere new. In January we placed a deposit on our brand new home - I've never lived in somewhere BRAND NEW before neither had mum and we are both truly looking forward to it. Our house we were living in sold really quickly - in fact the first person who viewed it placed an offer and purchased. 
Unfortunately for us, on the development we were purchasing our house, they had a problem which delayed our house by around a month. The sale of our house went through really swiftly which saw us having to move out with no new house to move too. This sent us into mini panic mode as rental houses are minimum of 6 months and we would only need somewhere for around 3 months, we looked at hotel stays but that was just too expensive so we've ended up temporarily living with my Nan for a short while - not ideal but still. We got rather excited when we had a call to ask if we could move the end of June rather than end of August - of course we could in fact that would be ideal. However that's not been the case, end of August is still our date. I only hope our new house will be the fresh beginning for mum and I and it truly is perfect.

The temporary living accommodation is not the only thing making me a little negative at the moment - there are many other factors too I'm just not brave enough to write about them at the moment for fear of certain people reading - families hey! I'm certainly not looking forward to the first month or so with baby, and this should be the time I treasure.

Luckily I have the birth of baby #2 to look forward too as well as having my Mum and Jack there for me on a daily basis - they literally are the reasons I carry on each day. 

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  1. Mummy of Two + 126 June 2015 at 09:42

    Things can only get better lovely xx Just concentrate on that gorgeous boy of yours and your (soon to be) lovely little lady and things will start getting better xx



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