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Wednesday, 22 July 2015
If you've been a regular reader of my blog you will know Jack suffered terrible eczema as a baby. It took us many visits to the doctor and finally a referral to the dermatologist to get it under control a little. We did eventually get discharged from the dermatologist however, Jack's eczema is still here. Often I find myself wondering if he will ever outgrow it, will he ever have skin without the sores and itchiness.
We tried many different creams and lotions with Jack and we finally found the ones which helped. I would also spend many a few hours searching the internet for different things which may help him. I changed the washing detergent, I changed products we used in the bath and even searched natural remedies.


One thing I wish there was back then is these fantastic videos from the people at Cetraben. Cetraben have teamed together with Dr Pixie McKenna to offer advice and answer some frequently asked questions. 
There is a whole playlist of different videos answering a variety of questions in which you may have. I know that when Jack first got his diagnosis I would have found these incredibly useful and hopefully you will too. 

In Collaboration with Cetraben

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