Four Weeks Post Partum

Wednesday, 29 July 2015
My Recovery

Theres not too much more to write about my recovery, my stitches are still looking the same which is good. I've had some sharp pains around my lower stomach, but I believe this is just my skin and insides going back to normality. I still get more cramping when I've done a lot more than usual but hopefully this will ease soon.

My Body

I finally caved and weighed myself, since I last weighed myself I've lost a further 6lbs which is amazing for me. I've not attempted to loose the weight so I'm happy its still coming off on its own, although I know it possibly won't last too much longer. I'm still feeling a little negative about my body but I've just had a baby so trying to not beat myself up too much. I've still got my little mum pouch, so I'm looking forward to trying to tone that up when having the all clear from my post partum check at the doctors.

My Mood

My mood is a lot more settled now, I'm still just struggling a little with two children but I'm sure this will become normal soon enough. 

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