Isla | Four Weeks Old

Monday, 27 July 2015
My newborn is no more, shes now four weeks old and the past four weeks have just passed in a blur. I feel like Isla has been part of our lives for a while when in fact its just been four short weeks. When people tell you it goes quicker with your second you never actually believe them, its true. 

Isla is definitely growing up now, she was weighed at 3weeks 4days and weighed in at 9lb 3oz, mummy milk is amazing. I find it hard to tell if she is getting heavier or longer as I look and hold her each day, but those who see her less are kindly informing me of this. 

Isla is a lot more aware of the world around her, shes responds to her brother when he speaks to her she will look for him. During the day Isla is spending a lot more time awake, here's hoping she's not too much like her big brother. 

Her head is becoming a lot stronger, she can lift it and move it side to side to look around. His legs are also rather strong and he's pushing up a lot when on your tummy. I also think we are starting to develop social smiling but it's not quite clear just yet. She is enjoying lying on her side for sleeping, I think this is maybe because it's how I get comfortable too. 

As for her features, her hair is a different colour each day, some days its dark brown others its a light ginger colour I'm unsure as to what colour she will have yet. Her face is fattening out a little and her facial features are becoming more distinctive. 

I'm looking forward to watching her develop more now she is a lot more alert and aware of her surroundings. 

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