Isla | Three Weeks Old

Monday, 20 July 2015
Another week has passed by and its hard to believe Isla is three weeks old already. I'm actually feeling a little sad I won't be able to refer to her as a newborn for much longer. The end of last week finally saw us register the birth of Isla, its so hard to get an appointment, so she's officially Isla Grace. 

Friday at 2weeks 4 days Isla was finally discharged from the midwife as they were just waiting for her cord to drop off. It was weird waiting as Jack's dropped off so quickly. Its healing nicely now, still occasionally weeping and we are still finding some discharge on her clothing. 

This past week shes definitely had a growth spurt as she is finally fitting into the newborn clothing properly and when my uncle was holding her I could tell how much she had grown. She's filling out more and getting some more features which is very cute. Isla is wearing a mix of size 1 nappies and small gnappies, I love my cloth nappies but disposables are easier when we are out and about at the moment. 

Isla is rather strong, just like her older brother was. She has rather a lot of strength in her legs and will kick her legs and push up when laid on your tummy, shes also moving her head a lot more and lifting it again when on your tummy. Isla has started holding onto objects which are nearby and she can hold them with a good strong grip. Her vision is also improving and she will now follow your finger or face if you slowly move in front of her, shes also responding to familiar voices by looking around. 

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