Isla | Two Weeks Old

Monday, 13 July 2015
Isla is now two weeks old, it's going scarily quick and I'm scared if I blink I'll miss something. 
Today day 14, Isla met my best friend and her little boy. It was lovely for her to finally meet my newest addition but it feels weird me not meeting her child too as our boys were born just 12 weeks apart. 

I can already see Isla changing so much, she is still looking a lot like Jack but you can also see parts of me in her, which you couldn't really with Jack. She is very alert within the day time and is spending much more time awake and making lots of eye contact and reaching out. 

Isla very much loves cuddles but will also happily lie awake or lie within her swing which is fab. She feeds regular and breastfeeding is going extremely well, I'm so happy to have got to two weeks. She is now weighing 7lb 11oz so is definitely gaining weight well enough. 

On Friday we had our first visit from the health visitor and also a visit from the midwife. Isla is still under the midwife care just because her cord was still attatched on Friday. The midwfe said it was showing no signs of coming off, but it happily fell off during Saturday night/Sunday morning so shes now cord free, or 'poo free' as Jack called it

We have progressed into newborn clothing but its still a little on the large side, we have also began wearing our cloth nappies more regular now her cord has come off and it looks more comfortable. 


  1. Isla is gorgeous! Looks like she is growing lovely.

  2. She is so beautiful Zoe and it sounds like you are doing a great job with the bf xx



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