Three Weeks Post Partum

Wednesday, 22 July 2015
My Recovery

I'm still getting the occasional stomach pain, which this week seems to have been a lot painful then last. I can tell my insides are bruised now and maybe this is why. I'm still not taking any painkillers though so its all well. I've found that if I do too much my bleeding steps up again, but when I just do normal daily activities post baby its fine. Always difficult to stay calm with a toddler who needs looking after. 

My Body

I've still not weighed myself since the initial weigh in, I'm guessing this is my way of hiding away. I'm still snacking and not drinking so I know its not coming off.  My hormones are obviously still very unsettled as I'm suffering a lot with spots on my chin, which I hardly ever get! 

My Mood

As for my mood, I've been a lot less emotional so I think I'm finally starting to settle again. I just have a toddler who likes to test my patience which can be challenging but I feel emotionally well.

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