Two Weeks Post Partum

Tuesday, 14 July 2015
My Recovery

So it's now been two weeks since I underwent my surgery, and I feel incredibly well considering. My stitches are still looking very well and are healing nicely, I still get the occasional stomach pain but nothing too painful. I'm completely off painkillers now so things must be on the up. I'm also back to driving which feels lovely, I really missed my freedom. I am still bleeding a little, but its easing a lot. 

My Body

My body has leveled out a little now, and some days my stomach looks larger than others which I guess is just normal. I've not weighed myself so I'm not sure on any further weight loss. I'm still snacking a fair bit, and I'm not drinking enough which isn't helping so maybe if I fixed those I may be able to see some body changes. The day before I got confirmation I could drive again I took the children on the bus to the local town. Although walking was fine I was in a bit more pain than usual that evening due to more exercise than usual but nothing too bad. 

My Mood

I'm still suffering a little with baby blues, I think its more everything happening in my life but the slightest thing about the children makes me cry. When people moan about them, or Jack gets hurt. The time I spend with the children alone, or with my family who matter I feel a lot happier. 

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  1. You are doing so well Zoe, just make sure you don't do too much just because you are starting to feel a bit better. If you need to talk about anything you know where I am xx



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