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Monday, 17 August 2015
Just before we moved into our new house, I was given the opportunity to review some nametags from My Nametags
My NametagsAs it's almost September and for many that means back to school or nursery, there is also the job of ensuring everything is labelled up correctly as lets face it, children are brilliant at loosing things, or at least mine is. Thanks to My Nametags this job is now a whole lot easier. 

 As Jack is due to start nursery in September, when we have sorted him a place, I thought it was important to be prepared and label some spare nursery clothes and on a bag and cup to take with him. 
The fantastic thing about My Nametags is their stickers can be applied on anything - not just clothing. This makes them ideal, as many are just for clothing but there is still the water bottles, lunch boxes and bags which need names too. My Nametags offer both iron-on and stick-on labels, we opted to have the stick-on ones. 

The ordering process is very simple and straightforward; you simply choose which type of labels you would like, then choose the name, font, design, colour and image you would like on the label. You can have up to three lines of text which makes it completely customisable. 
My Nametags

The labels arrived quickly and I've used them on both clothing and a lunch box to see how they stick. The ones in which I placed onto the clothing I placed onto the washing labels inside. The stickers have now been in the washing machine and through the dishwasher and have stayed on and haven't faded even after a few washes. 
My Nametags

My Nametags come in various size sets, but the price is the same for all, £11.95 per set of tags, plus £1.,00 postage; you can get 56 colour or 180 black and white ones in either stickers or iron-on or a mix of 75 black & white stickers including 75 black & white iron-ons. 
I love that the labels can be used for multiple surfaces and that they stay on securely. 

Please Note: I received a pack of 56 Colour nametags for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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