Choosing what to do with my career

Thursday, 13 August 2015
Now I've had Isla, I'm yet again finding myself pondering what to do in regards to my career. 
I mean I've only recently began a new job which is something I really enjoy doing, but I also really don't want to miss the early stages with her growing up. When I went back to work after Jack I only returned part time working two days a week; enough to pay my way and still get to enjoy majority of the time with Jack. 

However, this time its just not practical for me to return to work part time, I've just become a home owner and have a mortgage to pay as well as bills. A big part of me would love to be able to work from home, I'd love to be able to do something I really enjoy. I would successfully love to work within PR or similar, doing something I really enjoy from a hobby, but would this make me enjoy the blog less? There are plenty of opportunities out there I just don't have the confidence to approach them. 

It's hard to guess what the future will hold, and where I will end up. I'm half tempted to get a online psychic career reading around finding the right career
Until then, I will keep pondering and live in a little dream that I will get to work from home and still earn enough. 

Along with all of this, I still want a successful career, one where I am not undermined for being female. Maybe this is why I still want a career I don't want it to be seen as a males job to earn the money whilst women stay with children. I want to stay with my children and still pay my money towards the house and bills.

Women's Equality Day is this month, and what better way to celebrate then that of what women have achieved. Women are strong people they fought for the right to vote for equality, and this gives me hope I can aim for a goal and achieve it but I'm just scared of the unknown. However I've made an aim to grab some more confidence, give myself a little boost and with a bit of positivity I'm sure I could make this happen. Unlike previous years, women are becoming a lot more successful, when given the opportunity to succeed we do. 
So from now onwards my motto to help me achieve the best is 'a mother should be able to raise her daughter and be her role model—showing her that with hard work, there are no limits to what she can accomplish'. I want my children to grow up and understand that both men and women are equal.

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