Fisher Price Rainforest Take-Along Swing & Seat

Monday, 3 August 2015
The Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing and Seat has quickly become one of my favourite baby products. When Jack was a baby I purchased a baby bouncer for him, but he wasn't really a fan, this time I really wanted to get a baby swing for baby #2. I was looking for recommendations when I was kindly approached and asked if I would like to review the Rainforest Friends Take-Along Swing & Seat from Fisher Price. I of course jumped at the opportunity as it was on my shortlist. With Jack I had never considered changing his bouncer to a swing but now I wish I did. 

Just before the birth of Isla, I was sent the swing so I could have it ready for when she arrived. Now when I got all the pieces out of the box I was a little mind-boggled thinking it would be difficult - however I was wrong. You do require the use of a screwdriver but its incredibly simple to to build and didn't take very long at all. After building you simply need to place in 4 C size batteries and your ready to go. 
Fisher Price Rainforest Take-Along Swing & Seat

The swing includes 6 different speed options, 10 different tunes, a vibration option and two hanging animal toys. It's almost impossible for your baby to lose interest. On the bottom of the seat unit there is also a handy clip in strap allowing you to turn the swing into a static baby seat - perfect for when they fall asleep. 
Fisher Price Rainforest Take-Along Swing & Seat Features

The controls for the speed, vibrate and music are located on the right hand side of the seat unit and are easy to use - Jack seems to like to operate them. When initially trying the swing motion I found it didn't seem to move much however it gradually builds up speed and can go rather fast on the quickest settings - luckily the seat has a 5-point harness to ensure your little one is safe and secure. As well as the fantastic settings for when the seat is in use, there is also the option to fold the swing down quite compact. The buttons to do this I have found quite stiff initially but they are gradually getting easier to press. I have found being able to fold it perfect as it means I'm able to take it with me when visiting grandparents or simply for storing away when it's not in use. 

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So how have we found this product - well both Isla and Jack seem to love it, Jack loves pressing the buttons to keep his sister entertained whilst Isla loves being able to be in on the action. It's perfect for trying to get her to sleep as the swing motion will often comfort her to sleeping and then we can put it into a static seat mode. Having this swing has allowed me to have a little extra time with Jack or given me a few extra minutes to grab a shower. 
Fisher Price Rainforest Take-Along Swing & Seat - Baby Isla

The Rainforest Friends Take-Along Swing & Seat has an RRP of £82.99. You can purchase this baby swing here.
Fisher Price Rainforest Take-Along Swing & Seat - Baby Isla

Please Note: We received this baby swing in exchange for an open honest review. 

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