Isla | Eight Weeks Old

Friday, 28 August 2015
This week Isla is eight weeks old, a whole two months she's been in our lives and it's hard to imagine it any different, it really is. Life pre-Isla is now a distance blur.

She is really beginning to change, her features are becoming more prominent as she changes. Her hair is becoming darker and we can begin to see that on the top of her head. She's smiling and cooing lots which is very lovely. Isla enjoys lots of attention and I'm sure she is growing to grow up into a little diva. 

When new people are around or those she doesn't see very often she isn't very comfortable with them and immediately finds comfort with me, which is all normal.

Isla hasn't been weighed since that of her 6-week check, mainly as I'm unsure where the local clinics are at the moment. However she is definitely piling on the pounds as she is getting heavier and heavier. Her length is expanding too, I've only recently placed her into her 0-3 months clothes and you can already tell the length isn't going to last long on the baby-grows. She's still going strong on mummy milk which I'm incredibly proud of for an achievement for myself and Isla.

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