Isla | Six Weeks Old

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
This weekend approaching Isla being six weeks saw lots of changes including moving to our new house, phew. So Isla has had a pretty hectic weekend. I feel that the time is really just passing by so quickly, I'm not sure if its due to the move or just in general but I feel I'm not getting to enjoy newborn days. 

Isla was weighed on Friday at 5weeks 4days when she had her six week check with the health visitor and weighed in at 10lbs 3oz. Mummy milk is still working for us as she's put on a lb in 2 weeks. She's definitely got a little longer now as some of her newborn clothing isn't fitting any more, however 0-3 is still massive!

She's become even more aware of what's going on around, shes really nosey and likes being up, not made the house move that easy. She's smiling socially a lot now, especially to myself and Jack. She's currently in a developmental leap and is requiring lots and lots of mummy attention rather than attention in general. 

Her head is much stronger and she can pull it up and hold it for quite a long period of time now. She enjoys kicking around and waving her arms, and has started interacting with the toys on her play mat.  

An update on her features, her hair is definitely going darker brown now, and her eyes still remain blue. The top of her head still doesn't have much hair, but the back is more distinctive now. 

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