Theraline Caesaren Belt Review

Friday, 14 August 2015
As you will know if you have read my birth story with Isla, you will know I had a cesarean section. Before the operation, I was extremely worried about the recovery, how would I cope with a toddler, how would I cope on my own and how would my body hold out?
I've actually been quite lucky with my recovery and was back behind the wheel of my car after 2 weeks, but I think I've been doing a little too much too soon as even now I'm still having a little bit of pain as the recovery continues. 

Luckily I was sent the Theraline Caesarean Belt to try and see how it helps with recovery. The belt aims to protect your scar whilst providing comfort and support throughout the day. Along with the belt you get 4 different inserts; cherry stone pillow, gel pad, protective shield and a polyfibre pillow. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

The Belt
The belt is made from a soft, firm elasticated material which stretches allowing you to bend or sit with extra comfort. On the side of the belt their are buttons so you are able to adjust the belt and tighten it for support over your over-stretched abdominal wall. Within the belt there is a hole on the inside which allows you to place in the inserts. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Cherry Stone Pillow
The pillow is versatile, it can either be used hot or cold by simply warming in the microwave or placing within the freezer. I've been using the cherry stone pillow when warm as I find the heat soothes it, I also feel it would be great warm if you suffer with menstrual cramps. As you can remove the individual pieces I feel it would also be useful to use to soothe back pain. I found the heat to be really soothing on my scar area and provided a lot of comfort. Its also fab that the belt keeps the pillow in place without needing to use your hand to hold it, and you can walk around. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Gel Pad
You simply use the compress by placing it within the freezer and it helps soothe your swollen scar so was particularly helpful in the beginning. I've also found it useful for when the itchiness begins. 

Protective Shield
This is a lightweight shield yet solid shield which helps protect your scar from any knocks or bumps. Isla likes to wriggle around and with a toddler in tow who isn't the most gentle I've found it useful. I've found this has given me more protection when holding Isla closely as she kicks around a lot.
Theraline Caesarean Belt

Polyfibre Pillow
This is designed for protecting your scar from irritation and rubbing. It's comfortable and very soft and fits nicely within the belt, or I've even used it alone just held in place with underwear. 
Theraline Caesarean Belt

I am enjoying using the belt and I'm still currently using it, but not as much. I would definitely recommend it to others who have had c-sections or abdominal surgery as I've found it to be amazing in helping me recover. I've wore the belt under my clothing at all times, however you are able to wear it on top of your clothing. It retails around £20 but is definately worth it.

Please Note: I received this product for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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